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Travelling W(h)ims(ey)ically [23 Mar 2012|11:56am]


I’m vacationing in Edinburgh during the first two weeks of April, and I’m hoping to manage a day trip to the Galloway/Kirkcudbright area.  Has anyone reading this made the pilgrimage?  I’d greatly appreciate any insight if you have – tips, ideas, any info at all, really.  If you haven’t been there but especially love the book, or have recently re-read it and something struck you as ‘do-able’ or ‘see-able’ I’d love to add things to my prospective itinerary.


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[24 Feb 2012|05:44pm]


Title: Deck the Halls
Fandom: Lord Peter Wimsey
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Lord Peter Wimsey, nor am I associated with Dorothy L. Sayers, and do not seek legal ownership/any profit. I’m just playing in somebody else’s sandbox, and I promise to put them back when I’m done!
Characters: Harriet Vane, Lord Peter Wimsey, Eiluned, Sylvia
Summary: Harriet’s friends help her decorate, her first Christmas in Mecklenburg Square.
A/N: A fandom stocking stuffer. Slightly edited; I got the name of Harriet's friend wrong in the original.

Christmas time is here, by golly, disapproval would be folly/Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fill the jug and don’t say when. Tom Lehrer, A Christmas Carol

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[19 Feb 2012|03:08am]

of punctured damn-the-things

St. George/Hilary as usual, set in May 1944, rated PG and 1700 words long.

Jerry tried to move, found it unexpectedly difficult, and coughed once or twice on the vague principle that someone ought to be told he still existed.
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harriet vane barbie... [03 Jan 2012|05:02pm]

my best friend made this for me for Christmas.

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fic: I took my pennies to the market square [30 Dec 2011|04:10am]

I took my pennies to the market square

St. George/Hilary Thorpe; PG, 2200 words.
Snow for Christmas, at Denver, was a rare phenomenon indeed; Jerry knew from a lifetime's experience that it always seemed to be only just too warm out. So it wasn't a real disappointment that it didn't snow for the Christmas of 1944, but it felt somehow as though it were just about to, which was really the most one could hope for.

A bit late for the RL holiday, but enjoy :D
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Fic: Love Your Work (Castle/Lord Peter Wimsey/Various, PG-13) [16 Nov 2011|10:49pm]

Title: Love Your Work.
Author: Prochytes.
Fandom: Castle/NCIS/Bones/Rumpole of the Bailey/Sherlock /Lord Peter Wimsey.
Rating: PG-13. 
Characters/Pairing: Richard Castle/Kate Beckett (UST), Javier Esposito/Lanie Parish, Kevin Ryan, Martha Rodgers, Alexis Castle (Castle); Tony DiNozzo, Tim McGee, Ziva David (NCIS); Harriet Vane (Lord Peter Wimsey).
Disclaimer: Not mine at all, any of it.
Summary: Castle is not the only author ever to have written from what he knows.
Word Count: 1479.
A/N:  No significant spoilers. A set of five short Castle crossovers; the one with the Wimseyverse is No. 5.

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More Hogwarts [03 Nov 2011|01:09am]

Yet more chunks of story about Hilary and St. George at Hogwarts. Still not posting these in the order they're set, so if you're confused (and I wouldn't blame you) you can go here to see a list of all of them in chronological order.

Since the last batch I put up here, I've added:

The first Triwizard task, 9100 words, PG-13.
"You little bastard," said Hilary, in the spirit of speaking the thing's own language, "you frightened me," and prodded the Jarvey away from her with one foot.

Hilary's seventeenth birthday, 2600 words, explicit.
"I want to touch you," said Hilary petulantly, though the eagerness with which he was trying to push her gymslip down off her shoulders spoke for itself. "I hope you don't mind."

Jerry vs. his parents, 1400 words, PG.
"Uncle's got a nice respectable Ministry job and is therefore quite beyond saving. The irony must be killing my mother."

Louis in the infirmary, 1900 words, G.
Hilary felt a sudden flutter of panic. She was not remotely in the mood to have anyone's adoration declared to her, but she couldn't very well tell him that whatever it was she didn't want to know, so she nodded encouragingly.
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Dream Cast [18 Sep 2011|10:33pm]

So people have been chiming in.... here's a few "Dream Cast" options. :)

Obviously, we're trying to keep ages right (Assuming a start date from now to 2021). Georgie's in here because she's the right age for Tom - I also think that in ten years or so she's probably going to be a pretty good actress. 

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[18 Sep 2011|08:58am]

So I have this ongoing discussion with my dad about the fact that the BBC needs to finally get in gear and make a complete Lord Peter Wimsey series with the same actor from beginning to end. Meaning, 1923 with Whose Body all the way up to the newest books by Jill Paton Walsh which actually take place post-WWII.

Please don't get me wrong, I love Ian Charmichel and I adore Edward Petherbridge, but isn't it time that Sayers and the Wimseys got the love and attention they deserve? 

Then we come down to casting... 

My first choice for Peter almost has to be Tom Felton. He has the "look" and he's young enough. In the first full novel, Whose Body, Peter is 33. It's going to take us ten years to get this to the screen anyway, by then he'll be just about the right age! 

But who you YOU cast for Peter, Bunter, Harriet, St. George, the Dowager Dutchess, and all the other good parts?

PS. I want a PROPER version of Gaudy Night this time - none of this cut off at the knees shit where the story is 3/4 gone.

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FIC: and kept the Germans from the sea [16 Jun 2011|08:57am]

Title: and kept the Germans from the sea
Pairing: St. George/Hilary
Rating: R, for reasons stated below
WARNINGS: for discussion of repeated sexual assault and situations of uncertain consent. All these things have happened offscreen and not between the central pairing.
Length: 3200
Notes: betaed by the_antichris. Title, as almost always, is from AA Milne. Both Chris and Milne, for the record, are basically perfect all the time.

By now, either Aunt Mary had gone to see to the matter regardless, or anything worth recovering had already been claimed by people who likely had much more urgent need of it than anyone in the Wimsey family.
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"FIve Things" Wimseyfic [16 Jun 2011|12:13pm]

I Have A Sin of Fear

(Four times Lord Peter Wimsey denied he was afraid, and one time he didn't)

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A few more Hogwarts fics [31 May 2011|11:11pm]

I've written a handful more bits of this story about St. George and Hilary Thorpe at Hogwarts; I'm not writing them in chronological order, but they do all make sense together and there's a murder mystery and everything, so I think it's past time I brought my progress over here.

All are Hilary/St. George with some Hilary/OMC, though not all bits are shippy, and PG-13 or so for magical violence and teenagers doing what teenagers do best.

Ficlet 3, 1000 words. Professor Vane's smile stiffened, and Hilary remembered belatedly that the older woman was herself Muggleborn; remembered, in fact, that two or three Daily Prophet writers had made much of that fact two years ago.

Ficlet 4, 850 words. And then he kissed her, of all the stupid things, and Hilary-- who, in what Jerry had once claimed were her best moments, could be very stupid indeed-- squeaked in surprise and clutched at his tie.

Ficlet 5, 1350 words. "You're hardly the first girl to try it." Professor Vane began to measure some of her ingredients into an undersized cauldron, but she cast Hilary a look of concern. "And no matter what anyone else might tell you, it won't ruin your life, either."

Ficlet 6, 1000 words. Despite the robes and the charmed flower, he looked uncannily like Muggle photographs Hilary had seen of him at similar events, and the memory pained her for reasons she couldn't quite seem to define.

Ficlet 7, 2950 words. Mortimer Gerald Bredon Wimsey, fifteenth Duke of Denver-- according to the brass plate beneath him, at any rate-- uncrossed and recrossed his legs, looking back down at her with distinct displeasure. “And you’ll be a friend of young St. George’s, I suppose. I ought to have known it would come to this.”

Ficlet 8, 2850 words. "I don't know what to do, Mr. Parker. No one's ever tried to kill me before."
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FIC: Someday, when I'm awfully low [24 Mar 2011|03:57pm]

Someday, when I'm awfully low
St. George/Hilary Thorpe, November 1944, largely talk. About 4500 words rated PG-13.

He freed his hand to tug gently at her wedding ring, which hung from a chain around her neck where her WAAC tags would usually have rested beside it. "You might wear this on your hand where it belongs, you know; I doubt you're likely to see combat in Fenchurch St. Paul any time soon."

ETA: my writing about depression struck a chord with one of my friends. Not a harmful one, thankfully, but I might as well warn for dealing with that, and for a character learning to cope with a physical disability. Always better to be safe.
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Fic [02 Feb 2011|07:50pm]

For those not perhaps 100% convinced by The Attenbury Emeralds, I have been committing fanfic on a couple of subjects: the issue of names, and the shocking discovery that Bredon Wimsey is 16 at a point when Harriet and Peter have only been married for fifteen years...

What's in a title? (contains spoilers)

'Oh shit!' said Harriet Vane (spoiler free)

On a less self-promotional note, I see that the store of Wimsey fic here at fanfiction.net has grown considerably over the last few years (none at adultfanfiction.net, though*) It's well worth a look if you haven't been there for a while. I enjoyed the Ali Baba one in particular, even as it left me contemplating dark!Bunter, who arranges for Peter not to come back...

*What I do in the name of fandom.
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two untitled HP-fusion ficlets [11 Dec 2010|01:15am]

I make no pretense that these are anything but goofy little bits of fluff, but I have written two bits of somewhat-shippy fic about St. George and Hilary Thorpe as students at Hogwarts! They are here and here.
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The Attenbury Emeralds [02 Nov 2010|09:47pm]

I know the Paton Walsh books aren't everyone's favourite topic, but who here's read The Attenbury Emeralds so far?

I guess my first impressions are that I kind of liked it (as I did T,D and APoD) but I do feel like it's just not quite Sayers. I'd recommend it to the true fans (especially those who know they already like the previous books JPW has written) but it's certainly never going to be one of my favourites. Detailed rambling on my LJ, which is pretty spoiler-heavy although doesn't reveal the identity of the baddie.
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a book recommendation [25 Aug 2010|05:32pm]

Hi, since in the last post here someone asked if Jill Paton Walsh's Wimsey continuations were worth reading, it got me thinking of what books were the best for those of us suffering from Sayers withdrawal, and at the top of my list is a book entitled The Wimsey Family: A Fragmentary History Compiled from Correspondence with Dorothy L. Sayers written by C.W. Scott-Giles. I'm sure it's probably been mentioned here before, but it's chock full of interesting (and canonical!) information, and if you haven't read it yet, it's definitely worth your while. (Much more so than Jill Paton Walsh, in my opinion!)
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The Attenbury Emeralds [25 Aug 2010|04:21pm]

I've recently learned of the forthcoming publication of The Attenbury Emeralds by Jill Paton Walsh, and I was kind of curious as to what others thought of this.

Collapse )

And there's an article on it here.

I've never gotten around to reading Thrones, Dominations or A Presumption of Death, and I've heard mixed opinions on then. Are they worth reading?
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A Lord Peter Cameo! [17 Jul 2010|10:00pm]

Hello everyone! I'm a recent discoverer of Dorothy Sayer's stories and I love them to pieces. So the other day I was reading A Letter of Mary by Laurie R King, one of her Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes stories, and was pleasantly surprised when a certain gentleman turned up at about half way through the book. Reading those pages gave me no end of delight, so for those who haven't read that book I thought I might type up the paragraphs where he made an appearance and share it with everyone.

Hope you enjoy!

Follow me down the rabbit hole...
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Fancy a reread? [05 Jul 2010|06:25pm]


Myself and a few friends are doing a group reread of the Peter Wimsey books (starting with Strong Poison) over at talking_piffle.

Every week we read about four chapters and someone makes a summary and discussion post. Chapters 1-4 of Strong Poison are being discussed this week!

If you've ever read the books and thought "where's that quotation from?", "what did they mean by that?" or "are they having sex or talking about poetry?"; or if you've simply wanted to reread and chat about it with other LPW fans as you go along, this could be the place for you. (And if you think you can answer any of those questions, then even better!)

Just pop over and have a look around and join if you like. At the moment, posting is closed to everyone except designated chapter-summary-providers, but as time goes on we may open things up a bit more.

Hope to see some of you over there! :D
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